WAASSA Monthly Anthropology Crossword: February 2017

To celebrate the start of the new blog, let’s break the ice with a crossword. If you’d like to fill it out online, you can access it here.

Otherwise, you can download and print out the pdf here: waassa-crossword-february-2017




2. The ability of an individual to act independently and of their own free will.

5. Belief in more than one god.

7. The tradition of a person marrying outside of their own social group or community.

9. The system of social or blood relationships that tie people together.

10. The process of adopting cultural traits, often from another culture.

11. When descent is traced through the female line.

12. A pattern of residence in which a newly married couple settles in the husband’s house of community.

13. The blending of different cultures, religions, or traditions.

14. A way of living where the herding of animals provides the main form of subsistence.


1. The dominance of one group over others.

3. A way of living in which people move from one location to another, often dependent on the location of resources like food or water.

4. Diverse, mixed – societies of this type may have people of many different ethnic backgrounds.

6. The process of being socialized within a culture.

8. The evaluation of another culture according to the standards and preconceived notions of your own culture.

12. An arrangement where a woman has more than one husband at the same time.


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