WAASSA Monthly Anthropology Crossword: March 2017

Here’s the crossword for March! You can complete it online here. Or, if you’d like to print out a PDF, you can download the PDF here: waassa-crossword-march-2017.




2. The tradition of a person marrying within their own social group or community.

5. An unfavourable attitude towards a particular group, not based on reason.

7. A pattern of residence in which a newly married couple settle in a household with no connection to either side of the family.

8. A process by which religion loses influence in a society or culture.

10. A term referring to kinship ties based on bloodlines.

12. A political system in which power is held by religious organisations.

13. A theoretical approach to sociology and anthropology that seeks to find objective truths and determine universal social ‘laws’.

14. A term to describe a family structure that consists of a couple and their children.

15. A term referring to an agricultural practice in which plants are slashed down and then burned to form fertile fields for farming.


1. Social relations that are defined by impersonal and indirect interactions amongst people, as opposed to personal and direct interactions.

3. A process by which higher-income people move into lower-income areas, changing the nature of the neighbourhood.

4. A culture within a culture that has unique traditions, values and practices of its own.

6. A pattern of residence in which a newly married couple settles in the husband’s mother’s brother’s house or community.

9. A social practice that is strongly forbidden.

11. A process in which people move from rural or regional areas to highly populated urban centres.