WAASSA Monthly Anthropology Crossword Answers: February 2017

Hi everyone! The answers for last month’s crossword are after the cut! Click through to read them. 🙂


2. The ability of an individual to act independently and of their own free will: Agency.

5. Belief in more than one god: Polytheism.

7. The tradition of a person marrying outside of their own social group or community: Exogamy.

9. The system of social or blood relationships that tie people together: Kinship.

10. The process of adopting cultural traits, often from another culture: Acculturation.

11. When descent is traced through the female line: Matrilineal.

12. A pattern of residence in which a newly married couple settles in the husband’s house of community: Patrilocal.

13. The blending of different cultures, religions, or traditions: Syncretism.

14. A way of living where the herding of animals provides the main form of subsistence: Pastoralism.


1. The dominance of one group over others: Hegemony.

3. A way of living in which people move from one location to another, often dependent on the location of resources like food or water: Nomadism.

4. Diverse, mixed – societies of this type may have people of many different ethnic backgrounds: Heterogeneous.

6. The process of being socialized within a culture: Enculturation.

8. The evaluation of another culture according to the standards and preconceived notions of your own culture: Ethnocentrism.

12. An arrangement where a woman has more than one husband at the same time: Polyandry.



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