Welcome to the Official WAASSA WordPress

This blog belongs to the West Australian Anthropology and Sociology Students’ Association at the University of Western Australia. Throughout the year, we will be posting:

  • articles, reviews, photography, and interesting discussions from our anthropology and sociology students and alumni
  • reminders and updates on events happening at the club and on campus
  • information about anthropology and sociology-related opportunities available
  • activities such as monthly¬†crosswords

If you’d like to get involved, feel free to contact us. To come see us in person, you can visit us at our club room at Room 259 in the UWA Student Guild Building. We also have a Facebook page at OfficialWAASSA, a space on LMS for discussions (look for us by searching West Australian Anthropology and Sociology Students’ Association), or you can email the president of the club at 20493888@student.uwa.edu.au. Additionally, we have a twitter at OfficialWAASSA where we post links to anthropology and sociology related articles or news.